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Ryumoto Patcher Part 53 APK v1.53 Download {New APP} for Android

App Name Ryumoto Patcher
Latest Version 1.53
Last Updated March 11, 2023
Publisher Ryu Official
Requirements Android
Size 23.5MB
Google Playstore file-play-store-link

Ryumoto Patcher ML is one of the popular patchers among 2022 tools. If you are a lover of MLBB games, then you are a lover of the premium features. There are many premium features in the Mobile Legend Bang Bang game. These are not free for ml players. You have to give money to purchase items. If you want to collect these all latest features for free then get ready with the help of the tool trick. It has all those features that can unlock premium features in the mobile battel in seconds.

There are lots of free new 10+ ml skins are available for single avatars and heroes. If you wish to decorate the Avtar with the help of some premium items then you can do it. It is possible with the support of tools. It has the ability to provide all those features that a player needs to become a skill full. All patchers of the 2022 era have many good results. As compared to this tool this new tool has many new features for your entertainment.

This new Ryumoto Patcher v35 VIP is specially made for injecting cheats in the game. There are many players are playing the MOBA game. These players are experts in playing ML games. If you are a beginner and never played this game, then it is very difficult to play. There are many gifts are waiting for you in the game. If you will win the battle, then you can get the chance to win lots of new gifts. It will help you to boost your rank.

Ryumoto Patcher ML v35 Scheme:

There are many ways to play a Mobile legend Bang Bang game. It is on you to choose the better way. You can play this game with the help of a patcher and without a trick full tool. Without tools, it is very difficult to balance games during playing. If you want to achieve high ranks in the game, then you have to use Xeroz Modz. It has the ability to unlock the New IMOBA game.

Ryumoto Patcher Part 35 Current Tricks:

ML Skins:

  • Gusion outfits.
  • Hayabusa outfits.
  • Fanny outfits.
  • Benedetta outfits.
  • Ling outfits.
  • Lancelot outfits.
  • Helcurt outfits.
  • Hanzo outfits.
  • Saber outfits.
  • Natalia outfits.
  • Karina outfits.
  • Many more outfits are their.


  • Fighter.
  • Support.
  • Mage.
  • Marksman.
  • Assasin.
  • Tank.

Skin to Skin:

  • Convert Skin to skin.
  • Anime Skin convert.

How to make your own Intro in Ryumoto Patcher:

  • Tap + sign and choose your own intro.
  • Make sure your video is portrait not landscap.


  • Emotes.
  • Recall.
  • Respawn.
  • Elimination.
  • Notification.

Loading Screen:

  • Itachi Intro.
  • Naruto vs Pain.
  • AOT Intro.
  • Naruto vs Kurama.
  • Itachi2 Intro.
  • Obito Intro.
  • AOT2 Intro.
  • Kakashi vs Obito Intro.
  • Anime2 Intro.
  • Jujutsu Kaisen ft. (Mask off)
  • One Piece Intro.
  • Anime3 Intro.
  • Anime4 Intro.
  • Many more.

Ryumoto Patcher Extremity:

  • Unlock Ultra graphics.
  • Inject Supreme badge.
  • Remove Supreme Bade.
  • Custom Analog.
  • Customized maps.
  • UI custom.
  • Customized Music Lobby.
  • There are 10+ new skins for each hero.
  • 55+ new images.
  • 12+ new ml recalls.
  • Much more backgrounds.
  • New real outfits.
  • Set musical lobby.
  • Drone view.
  • Secure with high anti-ban feature.
  • Much more in the game.


There is much more in the new Android application. If you want to get Ryumoto Patcher Part 35 ML on your android phone, then you have to download this application. If you want to boost your ml rank then it will help you in the game with the assist of different latest tricks. Now get ready for a new gaming journey with the new tool.

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